Download With GLO WTF Social Bundle Using Psiphon PRO VPN 2020

Download With GLO WTF Social Bundle Using Psiphon PRO VPN 2020

After showing you in my previous how to subscribe for the GLO WTF social plan it's time to show you how to download with this social bundle using psiphon Pro VPN.

Have in mind that the original purpose of this bundle is for social media only, but I'm going to tweak it for you so that it becomes a general d ata. So pay attention as I talk about how download with GLO WTF social bundle using psiphon PRO VPN 2020


1. Your GLO simcard + WTF data

2. An Android phone

3. Psiphon Pro VPN

4. 3G or 4G network connection (4G is recommended)


  1. DOWNLOAD PSIPHON PRO VPN: The first thing to do is to download Psiphon Pro VPN, you can easily download Psiphon Pro VPN by clicking here DOWNLOAD NOW
  2. SUBSCRIBE TO GLO WTF SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN: After downloading the Psiphon Pro VPN, subscribe to GLO WTF bundle by dialing *777# and selecting the amount of data you want to buy.
  3. SETTING PSIPHON VPN: After you have successfully downloaded and installed the app in your phone open the app and tap on the option click region and select "Canada"

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    Next tap connect and wait for few minutes and it will connected. Now minimize the app and start browsing and downloading for free.

    Download With GLO WTF Social Bundle Using Psiphon PRO VPN 2020

NOTE: This free browsing cheat is only applicable to people residing in Nigeria and using a GLO simcard. For you to be able to use this, you must subscribe to the social media data. It's cheaper than the main monthly plan, that's the juice.

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This free browsing is powerful when it comes to browsing, downloading, streaming videos online,playing online games and lots more!

Test it out and drop a comment below on how it worked for you. Don't forget to always visit this website for more helpful info like this.

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