WhatsApp To Stop Working On Millions of phones from 1st January 2021 (See list)

There's is a huge WhatsApp update that will is going to prevent millions of mobile users from accessing WhatsApp app by January 1st 2021.

Which mobile phones categories of mobile phones will not be able to use WhatsApp again?

Older versions of both Android phone and iPhones will not support the latest version of the WhatsApp. Meaning that users with older version of Androids and iPhones will have to update their mobile operating system or they'll have to buy a new smartphone to be able to use WhatsApp again. This is according to reports stated by Yahoo!

Operating systems {OS} that will stop supporting WhatsApp

iPhone devices not running on iOS 9 or newer IOS, and any Android phone not running at least Android 4.0.3 – will no longer be able to open or operate WhatsApp starting 1st January 2021.

For example, these are list of iPhones that will no longer no longer support WhatsApp;

• iPhone 4S

• iPhone 5

• iPhone 5S

• iPhone 6

• iPhone 6S

Why will these iPhones not support WhatsApp again? Simple, they were all released before iOS 9, however owners can still update their operating system if they are yet to do so in order to enjoy WhatsApp again.

Some Android phones that will no longer WhatsApp are; LG Optimus Black,Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Desire.

To make it easy, you can just check the version that your OS or IOS runs on. You can check your phone's operating system by doing the following;

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How To Check OS Version For Android And iPhone Devices

• If you're using iPhone users, go to Settings > General > Software update.

• If you're using Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Security Update.

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List of phones to loose support for WhatsApp from 1st January 2021

1. Apple iPhone 1-4

2. Samsung Galaxy S2

3. HTC Desire

4. LG Optimus Black

5. Motorola Droid Razr

6. Motorola Droid 4

7. LG Lucid

8. Samsung Galaxy S3 and newer

9. Sony Xperia Pro and newer

10. HTC Sensation

11. HTC Thunderbolt

12. Samsung Galaxy Note

In the new version of WhatsApp, the Terms of Service will be updated. Those using the updated version will have agree to new set of privacy rules in order to keep using the app.

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