Make N100k Monthly With INSMEApp, Legit Or Scam?[2021 Review]

INSMEApp Investment program review is what we will be talking about today. This INSMEApp Review 2021 article will reveal how Insme work,how to make money on INSME at least 100k monthly and how to withdraw money on INSMEApp.

How does insme/INSMEApp work?

How does insme app work? Put simply, INSMEApp is a platform that pays you for liking and commenting on celebrities post on Instagram. This way you can get paid by Insme app for promoting someone on Instagram. No referral needed.

INSMEApp Launching Date

When was Insme launched? INSMEApp was created and launched on 6th Octber, 2020

How To Make Money Online On INSMEApp

To make money on INSME App you have to subscribe to one of the many available Packages on INSMEApp.

INSMEApp operates in a two-way system. There are;

1. Commission Allocating

2. Promoting Contents

Commission Allocating : Under this system in INSMEApp members can get earn money anytime they click the Like button on influential marketing contents on Instagram (IG).

Promoting Celebrity Contents: This system in INSMEApp that helps the celebritie have shortage of network resources. For example,Insme provide support to increase their social media presence and reach out to many people around the world. In this process helping members make money online

INSMEApp Affiliate Program

The INSMEApp affiliate program gives members opportunity to earn more money by referring other people to join the platform. On Insme affiliate program, you will earn 16% referral bonus of your current Package as direct referee earnings, then 8% Of his 2nd indirect downline (the person referred by your referee) earnings, 4% of the 3rd indirect downline, 1% for the 4th, 5th and 6th indirect downline. So with this affiliate program you can earn more money on Insme. But note that referral isn't compulsory.

Insme app sign up

Before you can sign up and start making money on Insme app you need to choose a package. Insme app has 10 different packages, starting from a free trial plan then 9 other subscription-based Package.

After signing up on Insme app here you will accept 2 missions daily for 3 days using the free member account. Then if you want to continue receiving the missions and earning you then have sign up on a premium package. The higher your package is, the higher your Earnings will be.


INSMEApp Registration Packages(How to register on INSMEApp)

Below here are the available Packageso on INSMEApp

1. Trial Package (Free)

• Eligible daily for 2

• Number of missions 9

• Validity (days) :3

2. First Package

• Subscription Fee N1,680.00

• Eligible daily for 3

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N28

• Validity (days): 60

3. Second Package

• Subscription Fee :N6,888.00

• Eligible daily for 5

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N69

• Validity (days): 60

4. Third Package

• Subscription Fee N62,888.00

• Eligible daily for 25

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N125

• Validity (days): 60

5. Forth Package

• Subscription Fee N148,888.00

• Eligible daily for 38

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N195

• Validity (days): 60

6. Fifth Package

• Subscription Fee : N298,888.00

• Eligible daily for 70

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N213

• Validity (days) : 60

7. Sixth Package

• Subscription Fee: N638,888.000

• Eligible daily for 140

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N228

• Validity (days): 60

8. Seventh Package

• Subscription Fee N1,488,888.00

• Eligible daily for 290

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N256

• Validity (days) : 60

9. Eight Package

• Subscription Fee: N2,988,888.00

•Eligible daily for 580

•Number of missions

• Pay per mission N258

10. Ninth Package

• Subscription Fee: N6,388,888.00

• Eligible daily for 1238

• Number of missions

• Pay per mission N258

How To Upgrade Package on Insme app

If you wish to upgrade your package on Insme so that you can earn more, do the following;

To upgrade your package on Insme app login and click on Pay Via payment Gateway, enter your card details and choose a plan and after payment is successful you will be given the option to upgrade.

Insme nigeria login

To login to Insme go to their official website and click "login". Make sure to keep your username and password safe.

Insme app CEO

No one is away of the identity of Insme CEO/founder. However, you can chat with their official customer service via Whatsapp +85290141755.

Is Insme app review: scam or legit?

Insme is a legit and not a scam Investment platform. There have been thousands of reviews about Insme and they are all positive so far.

Insme Withdrawal : How to withdraw money on Insme app

To withdraw money on Insme app simply login to your dashboard, "click the withdraw" button and enter your account details you want to be paid.


INSMEApp is a legit Investment platform where you can earn residual income just by Investing and getting your ROI month. It's very reliable.



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