Advertisement Income program review | Scam or legit?, Read how it works before you join!

Hello readers! Welcome to gistus, This is the official review of In this Income program review, I'll talk about and answer questions like;

1. How does Work?

2. Is Legit?

3.Who is the CEO of

4. Is Scam?

5. Registration

6. Login Affiliate/referral system

8. Withdrawal System

9. How to earn on

And many others...

First of all let's talk about how works

How Does Works?

How work. is a Nigerian Investment platform that pays her members for Investing their money with them for a period of 30days. Although referral isn't compulsory, they also reward their members for referring.

Is legit?

Yes! is 100 percent legit because it's currently paying. Below are the proofs of payment to back up this claim. Proof of Payments proof of payment. Below are the screenshots of bank alert payments that proofs that is 100 percent legit and paying!

Is A Scam?

NO! is legit and not a scam. As of the time of writing this article, is not a scam. But this does not mean that they won't stop paying at some point in time.

So one has to be updated on which platform is paying and which is not. To get updated on the latest income program follow Tonero TV by clicking on this link

Who Owns

The owner or CEO of is not a known person, however you can reach out and contact via this phone number on WhatsApp +2348024915044 or email via Sign up

To Sign up on you first of all need to buy the coupon code also known as E-pin. To buy a coupon code click this link It will take you to the list of coupon code vendors. Contact anyone from the list to buy a coupon code.

Important information need for registration are ;

1. Names

2. Username

4. Email

5. Password

6. Phone number,etc. Registration registration is the process of signing up as a member on the site ( and therefore start earning money. To register you have to provide your basic information such as;

  • Username

  • Password Investment Packages

1. There's only one Investment package on which cost N2,000

2. The N2,000 Package generates you N393 everyday and . i.e N143 for login and N250 for Ads share.

3. N250 ads share for 30 days N250×30=N7500

4. N200 system share, 4 times a week for 4 weeks

5. N200×4×4= N3200

6. Total= N4290+N7500+N3200=14,990

Withdrawal is always open every weekends with the minimum of 1K

How to register on

To sign up for, follow the steps below;

1. Click to go to the registration form.

2. Buy the coupon code via this link

3. Copy and paste the coupon code.

4. Fill your required information

5. Click on the register button.

Congratulations, You are done with registration and can start earning by investing Login

To login go to their website and click on the login button then use these two Information to login

  • User name
  • Password Referral System pays you N1,000 per person you register under you on the platform Withdrawals

You can withdraw your money on when you reach a minimum of N1,000. To withdraw your money, simply click on the withdrawal button on the site and put your account details.

How To Earn On

You can earn on by logging in and sharing sponsored post daily on the site.

Is Referral Compulsory On

NO! Referring people before you can get paid is NOT compulsory on Meaning that you can get paid without talking to people about

How To Share Sponsored Post On

To Share Sponsored post on do the following;

  • Login to the website (
  • Click on the sponsored post button

  • Click on the sponsored post that has the current date
  • Click to share via Facebook


Just like any other platform, pays you when you invest your money with them. You should try it out for yourself. Feel free to drop your personal experience or questions about and I'll be sure to answer them or add it to this review.

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