Purevest Review : Earn #50k Weekly (Scam? ,Legit? Or Crashed?)

Are you a student, graduate, house wife, and you are looking for a place to earn online without stress? Purevest Investment platform is the best option for now. In this blog article I will be talking about Purevest review, is it scam?, legit? or Crashed?

This review by gistus.com.ng is being written out of research and personal experience. Pls do well to read through all the informations here before taking any action. And by that I want you to go through and digest this review carefully with rushing over it.

Disclaimer: Be aware that Gistus.com.ng is not being paid to write this review. Which means that this article is not a promotional type. Also, the aim of this write-ups are not to speak negatively or falsely against it so as to tarnish their online reputation. This review serves as a guide to people who want to venture into this Platform or wants to know about them.

Note: As at the time this review was written Review, the information here are true, reliable and updated. However, their policies may change overtime wether in favor or against. We'll try and update this review in this future if necessary.

How Does Purevest/Purevest.org Work?

Purevest works as an Investment platform where registered members invest a minimum of #1,000 , share sponsored posts on WhatsApp daily and get paid for that in just 15 days.

You might also wonder how purevest platform gets the money to pay their members everytime they request for withdrawal. Well, You might also know that most investment platform deals with crypto and real estate business to keep their program running. Then that should be the case with purevest Investments.

Just like most Investment Program, purevest has list of Plans or Packages that you can subscribe. No matter the plan you choose, you can earn and withdraw your money without referrals. The higher u invest in purevest is the higher you will get your return of investment.


Purevest Domain Information

Without a doubt, knowing details about purevest will help you to know more about them and it's transparency. One of the necessary information is when the domain was registered and when it is going to expire. So below here is a brief info on Purevest Domain Name.

Her domain name (www.purevest.org) was created on the 4th of May in 2021 which means as at the time of writing this Purevest Review, the platform is over 30 days old.

Yes, as u can see they're new to business. In spite of that one should be careful to invest what he or she can afford to loose.

About Purevest.org

On their website it's been stated that purevest as a company also place paid ads on their website. And this are the ads you'll be given to share on your WhatsApp status in order to earn.

Their ads comes from individuals, as a cooperation and from companies. So as a registered member, your job is to share these ads inorder to reach high audience members to display on their various, thus generating traffic for those businesses.

Purevest has up to five (5) packages or plans on the platform. For the fact that double accounts are not allowed, you're expected to register under a single package of your choice.

Please be reminded that this is a review and not a promotion and you should invest wisely. If it pays you and i, it doesn't mean that it will continue to do the same in the future.

How Do I Earn Money On Purevest? | Earn #50k Weekly

There are two ways that you can earn money on purevest namely;

1. Sharing Sponsored Post:

Sharing of sponsored post is the primary way you can of earning on purevest. And without sharing them you won't be able to earn.

2. Referring a friend: Another way you can earn on purevest is to refer a friend to get registered and enjoy the same benefits you're enjoying. You can earn #50k weekly using this method. This is a way you can earn massively off your Investment without limits.

Purevest Packages

There five(5) available packages you can subscribe to on purevest and they're;

  • Starter Package #1,000
  • Advance Package #3,000
  • Professional Package #5,000
  • Vest Package #10,000
  • Royale Package #20,000

1. Starter Package

Subscription Fee: N1000

Per Ad shared: N20

Referral Commission: N200

2. Advance Package

Subscription Fee: N3000

Per Ad shared: N60

Referral Commission: N400

3. Professional Package

Subscription Fee: N5000

Per Ad shared: N100

Referral Commission: N500

4. Vest Package

Subscription Fee: N10000

Per Ad shared: N200

Referral Commission: N1000

5. Royale Package

Subscription Fee: N20000

Per Ad shared: N400

Referral Commission: N2000


Who's Purevest.org Founder?

Regarding who the founder/CEO of purevest.org is, no relevant Information has been provided. But should this be a red flag? Not at all! Reason is because knowing the CEO won't make any different and one will eventually run away turning out to be a scam whether he reveals himself or not, if that was his plan from the onset. Just Invest wisely.

Is Purevest Legit?

Yes! Purevest is legit and actively paying her subscribers as of the time of writting this review. Below here are some screenshots of recent payments received from purevest.

Purevest Proof of Payments

Is Purevest a Scam?

No! Purevest is NOT scam. This is proven through experiences from registered members. Zero complaints so far. You might as well drop your personal experience with purevest in the comments section of this post. This can also improve this Purevest Review

Purevest Registration - How To Join Purevest.org

This is a simple process, by following the steps below, you can be able to register on this platform;

  1. Visit their website (www.purevest.org)
  2. Click on Sign up
  3. Fill the form
  4. Login to your Account
  5. Choose a Package
  6. Start performing tasks

Purevest Login

To login to purevest.org after registration use these details below:

  • Username
  • Password

Purevest Affiliate Program

On purevest you have the opportunity of earning beyond limits and that comes in form of it's affiliate program. You'll get commissions per every person that registers under your referral link. Imagine if you get to register your friends, colleagues and neighbours and get paid simply for doing so. You can earn #50 weekly if you take purevest affiliate program seriously.

Is It Compulsory To Refer On Purevest?

I made mention of being compensated at the cost of referring people to purevest, but it doesn't mean it's compulsory. It is NOT compulsory to refer people to purevest platform.

Red Flags On Purevest You Need To Be Aware

Here are some Red Flags found in this platform that I discovered. The more the red flags, the more likely it won't last for too long

Domain Duration

Data derived from Whois.com shows that this platform purchased a one year domain name which will expire in 2022. Despite the fact that this domain can be renewed, you must be aware that they do not plan to stay for too long, otherwise they could have done more than that.

CEO's Information Not Available

The CEO's name and contact is not displayed on this platform's website. Most platform avoid this to avoid being tracked incase something goes wrong. However, Even this is not a guarantee. A known CEO can still run away with people's Investment. Whichever way, invest with caution!

No Address

This indicates that you can't contact the company physically nor do they have a physical address.

The Green Flags for Purevest

Not Ponzi Type

Purevest is not an investment platform where they tell you to invest 20k and get 40k in 15mins. No! You Investment with them takes minimum of 15 days for it to yield profits( During this period the company Invests your money in something big)

You've To Work First

unlike ponzi schemes where you are not required to work but gets paid in few minutes, purevest gives you tasks to perform. With this task, not only does it keeps you busy but he creates traffic and commissions to the company for them to be able to pay you at the end of 15 days minimum.

Reasonable Return Of Investment

The return of investments you get from purevest are very reasonable. The company doesn't promise you huge return of the investment just to entice you but they observe reasonable returns so that they will be able to pay you without crashing sooner.



Pure West is still young for now I will recommend that you venture into it and invest. But not that you should invest what you can afford to lose in case the company decides to stop operating. Remember the roles of investments.

Thanks for reading through all this article. This website gives updates of current investment platform in Nigeria, both the ones that are paying and the ones that are not.


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