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How To Store And Retrieve Unlimited Contacts In Your Android Phone

Long before there were smartphones, when people were still using button phones, storing phone numbers or contacts were done mainly in the simcard since the those days had little storage capacity. Otherwise could be written down on a book journal.

Some because of this prompt them to have different simcards incase of becomes full.

However, simcards still has limited storage capacity even with andriod phones, but then we have much phone storage capacity to hold lots of contact. But now the problem comes, how can you retrieve your contact from phone storage if your phone goes faulty or gets stolen.

It's not possible to get those contacts back again in such a situation. So that is why you need a storage capacity that it unlimited and that you can retrieve your phone numbers incase anything happens with the phone.

The best storage media for your phone numbers is cloud storage, thankfully these kind of services are also been offered by Google (cloud storage) So below here are tips that can help you save and retrieve unlimited phone numbers.

How To Store And Retrieve Unlimited Contacts In Your Android Phone

The best way to save your contacts where you can get it back at anytime is via Google.

Yes. You can save your contacts to your Gmail account where you have access to at anytime. You probably must have linked your email with your andriod phone. If you do, you will always see the available options to save via Gmail when you want to save new contacts on your andriod phone.

However, you'll need internet connection to synchronize those Contacts to your Gmail account so that you can have access to it incase you loose your phone.

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