How To Track And Manage Your Mobile/Internet Data Using Phone Master App

Giving birth to numerous apps nowadays, many of them requires that you connect to the internet before you can make use of it. While some concerned app developers try to limit the amount of data being consumed by their app, many don't care at all.

As a result of this you might experience data drainage randomly, especially if this apps still run in the background even while not using it.

This could lead to spending too much on data subscription while at the same time not enjoying to the fullest. Yes, it can be very frustrating. Imagine trying to manage your internet data but still it finishes before you know it.

The best way you can therefore track, mange and stop this apps from draining away your data is by using a third-party app to spy it. Although there are many apps you can use to track and manage your internet data such as Glasswire, I would like to recommend the one I use and sure that it's working.

The best effective app to manage and track your internet data is "Phone Master" app. This third-party app shows you installed apps that are currently draining your data as well as actions you could take to put a stop to it and therefore saving your data.

Apart from helping you to track and manage draining data apps, this app can also helps to have your battery, clear junk files and boost your phone RAM. So you can see how this amazing is powerful.

How To Track And Manage Your Mobile/Internet Data Using Phone Master App

Step #1: Open the Phone Master App on your device after installing.

Step #2: Then tap on the "Data Manager" tap. It will now show you all the apps that has consume data in your phone for the past 24hrs.

Step #3: Now you can minimize the data usage of those apps by simply tapping on them one after the other to reveal more options.


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