VideoMine Review - (Is Scam Or Legit?)

Making money online has being simplified as the days goes by. It all started from making money from reading news, login and commenting. But since then, new ideas have been put to birth and today in most cases you don't go through stress before you can make money online.

How does the thought of make money any time you watch a short video seems to you? Yes! Thanks to creative minds, a new way to make money online and at the same time being entertained has been put in place.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you a new way to make money online by watching short videos and it's called "VideoMine". You can now easily make money online by watching short videos.

Do you get paid to watch YouTube videos? No! But only the owners of those videos gets to earn only. But on VideoMine that's now becoming an opposite phenomenon.

Today in this article we will be talking about everything you need to know about VideoMine via different sub-topics like "Videomine Review", "What is videomine?", "How does video mine work?", Is VideoMine scam or legit?" and many others.

VideoMine Review - (Is Scam Or Legit?)

In this video mine review we will would talk about how to register and make money by watching short videos on videomine. Pay attention to every detail and understand how it works before you decide to invest in it.

What Is Video Mine?

Video is simply an online platform that pays you anytime you watch a short video. The earnings accumulated can be withdrawn into your bank account when you have reach a particular withdrawal threshold on video mine.

Fortunately enough you don't need to refer a single person on video mine in order to withdraw. As a well structured and organized income platform you just need to perform activities such as watching a short video, login every day and share some videos.

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How Does Video Mine Works?

Video mine is an online platform that pays her members for watching videos, sharing videos and login in to their website daily. You just need a one time registration fee of N2,000 to get started.

When you become a member, you also have the opportunity to earn more than just from activities earnings. Yes, you can earn bigger when you refer people to register on video mine income program. Each person you refer gives you N1,400.

Video mine is also bringing in another system to earn you even more commissions which is multi level marketing (MLM) a system where you keep earning each time your downlines has new downlines without you doing the job.

Video Mine Review - How To Earn On VideoMine

So that having been said, we have 2 methods of earning on video mine namely;
  • Affiliate (Single)
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

1. Affiliate (Single) : On Affiliate (Single) system members gets to earn each time they perform task. You will earn N150 per video you watch. You don't need to completely watch or finish the video. Once you click on the video you will earn immediately.

Apart from the N150 you earn from watching short videos on video mine you also earn N200 each time you share one of these videos.

You get a daily login bonus of N100 each time you login to your video mine dashboard. That means you earn it daily since you have to login everyday.

Although referral isn't compulsory, you can still get rewarded any time you refer someone to register on video mine. For each person you refer you will be given N1,400.

Instead of withdrawing your non-referal earnings, you can use those earning to learn premium skills like crypto trading. Information on how to use this method is provided on their website.

On video mine you can withdraw your video mine referal bonus weekly on Wednesdays and Sundays with just a minimum referal bonus of N1,000. If you have some activities earnings in your video mine account, it will be paid together anytime you request for referal payment.

On every 25th of the month your activities earnings with a minimum of 15,000 VM points will be converted to N5,000 and paid to you via the bank account you provided.

  2. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) :On video mine MLM (multi level marketing) system you get to earn base on team work. Meaning that your downlines must refer before you can earn. On video mine MLM system you need to have at least 2 downlines and those 2 downlines must have their own 2 downlines and then you will be credited N10,000 instantly.

When you refer two people and those two people refers two people, then one cycle of the video mine MLM is completed and you'll be given N10,000 instantly. So this particular system needs a strong team for everyone to earn. But if you're not good for referring then you go for the affiliate (single) system.

If you got registered on Africgold without an upliner on the MLM system of video mine, you just need to refer only two people and encourage them to also refer two people each. And you will cash out N10,000 immediately they do so.

On the other hand if you got into the video mine MLM system through an upliner you need to refer four people under you instead of just two. This is know as frozen downlines. So you need to unfreeze with two downlines if you registered under someone before you can now refer two people for them to refer two people as well and you cash out N10,000.

This method of unfreeze according to the CEO is being used so that so that members will not keep referring themselves and cashing out on video mine all by themselves.

Each time your downlines complete the MLM system like you did, you will receive a referral bonus of N1,500. So as said before, you need a strong team before you think of going for the video mine MLM system.

If somehow you successfully complete cycle 7,14,21,30,50,100 or 200, etc. You will receive a special gift from video mine instantly that could come in the form of cash or coupon code for video mine registration.


Video Mine Registration

For Video Mine Registration the following details would be needed:
  • Username
  • Password
  • Names
  • Email
  • Phone number


Africgold Sign up

Here is a detailed instructions on how to get registered on video mine and start earning anytime you watch videos:

1. Purchase/Buy VideoMine coupon code : Before you can sign up on video mine you need to purchase video mine coupon from one of their vendors online. You can also get your own coupon code from me for your registration. Contact me via WhatsApp on +2348081589232(WhatsApp Only).

2. Sign up/Register : After you must have purchased the coupon code, go ahead to register on video mine by clicking this LINK

3. Fill in your details : After clicking on the above link, a registration form will open where you will have to fill in your details such as "names", "email", "phone number", "username" and "password". Fill out the registration form and click on the sign up button to finish your registration.

4. Watch Videos & Earn : Just after filling out your details and clicking on the sign up button, you will recieve a congratulations message for your successful registration. After that, scroll down and click on the too your login details to proceed to your dashboard. Click on "sponsored" tab on the menu to watch videos and earn money.


Videomine Login

To login to your video mine account or dashboard use these following details;
    • Username or Email
    • Password


Is Video Mine legit?

Yes, video mine is legit. Advertisers pays to advertise their services on video mine and as such they are able to pay her members. Looking at their return of investment, it is not too good to be true platform.

However, video mine being legit doesn't mean that they will keep being this way forever. Naijamelody will try and update whatever video mine platform turns out to be in the future.


Is Video mine a scam?

What makes one call a platform a scam? It is simply when it turns out not to pay members as promised, therefore scamming them of their money and not paying back. At this point that hasn't happened yet to video mine so we say video mine is not a scam.


When Was Video Mine Launched?

Videomine was launched on 1st November, 2021


Video Mine Referral Bonus

On video mine you get rewarded each time you refer someone to register. Video mine referal bonus is N1400 per referral. You can withdraw the earning you receive for one referal since minimum referal withdrawal is N1400.

But for those who chose to go for the MLM system part on video mine, the minimum they can withdraw is N10,000 after completing the cycle which requires them to have at least 2 referrals as well as their downlines.


Video Mine Withdrawal

Video Mine minimum withdrawal is N15,000 for activities earnings and you can withdraw your activities earnings every 25th of the month. While minimum withdrawal for referral earnings is N1,000 and you can withdraw your referral earnings every wednesdays and sundays.

How To Withdraw On

When it's time to withdraw, simply click on the green cashout button on your dashboard and fill the withdrawal form that comes up next on the next page. Make sure you fill your details accurately before you submit.


Video Mine Contact Address

You can contact video mine via the following address listed below;

1. Email Address:

2. Phone Number : 09035046637

3. Telegram :

4. Facebook Group :

5. YouTube channel : R



On this Videomine review, we have talked about how it works, wether it is legit or scam and how to get get registered. It is always more beneficial to join an online income program while it is still fresh. Same advice for this particular one. For guidance through registration reach out to me on Whatsapp @ +2348081589232


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