Showing posts from December, 2021 Review, Is Africgold Legit Or Scam? (How Does Africgold Work)

When it comes to making money online there are many opportunities especially in Nigeria that are available. Everytime a new income program or Investment sites comes out, there is always a promise of making money on it. Well, most of them turn out to be the opposite of what they claimed. A few of the Investment platforms you may have joined comes and crashes out, some even quicker than you thought. That is why a review like this will help you to know what or which income program is currently paying, is it legit or scam? Today, we want to talk about not an investment but a mining platform/site that you earn per hour! And is called Africgold. Their website being ( Some call it Africgold Mining. It is absolutely different and unique from other income platform that you have come across. Before you can start making money on Africgold, you need to purchase your purchase a coupon from Africgold code distributors/dispatchers. You can earn both ways. That's you can ea