Review, Is Africgold Legit Or Scam? (How Does Africgold Work)

When it comes to making money online there are many opportunities especially in Nigeria that are available. Everytime a new income program or Investment sites comes out, there is always a promise of making money on it. Well, most of them turn out to be the opposite of what they claimed.

A few of the Investment platforms you may have joined comes and crashes out, some even quicker than you thought. That is why a review like this will help you to know what or which income program is currently paying, is it legit or scam?

Today, we want to talk about not an investment but a mining platform/site that you earn per hour! And is called Africgold. Their website being ( Some call it Africgold Mining. It is absolutely different and unique from other income platform that you have come across.

Before you can start making money on Africgold, you need to purchase your purchase a coupon from Africgold code distributors/dispatchers. You can earn both ways. That's you can earn as a non-referral through mining or as an affiliate through referal bonus.

This is Africgold review article and in this review I'm going to talk about:
  • What is Africgold?
  • How does Africgold work?
  • Africgold Packages
  • Is Africgold scam?
  • Is Africgold legit?
  • Is Africgold legit?
  • Africgold Affiliate
  • Africgold Registration
  • Africgold withdrawal
  • Etc.

What Is Africgold?

Africgold is a Nigerian gold backed digital-mining platform and it is designed to earn miners per hour of their mining activities. The mining can earn you up to NGN 1,650 daily.

How does Africgold work?

Africgold works in a way that helps members to earn per hour each time they work through mining. Apart from the mining activities, Africgold does allow members can also earn each time they refer others to Africgold.

Africgold Packages

There are 3 available packages on Africgold you can choose from. They are;
  • Musk Gold (N3,000)
  • Pentium Gold (N5,000)
  • Skyway Gold (N10,000)
  1. Africgold Musk Gold Package (N3,000) : This is what you will earn if you subscribe for the musk gold package of Africgold which causes N3,000:
  • Per Hour Mining : N15
  • Per 24hrs Mining : N360
  • Sponsored Post : N100
  • Referal on N3,000 package downlines : 1,740
  • Referal on N5,000 package downlines : Null
  2. Africgold Pentium Gold Package (N5,000) : This is what you will earn if you subscribe for the pentium gold package of Africgold which causes N5,000:
  • Per Hour Mining : N100
  • Per 24hrs Mining : N2400
  • Sponsored Post : N250
  • Referal on N3,000 package downlines : N1,740
  • Referal on N5,000 package downlines : N2,900
  • Referal on N10,000 package downlines : Null
  •   3. Africgold Skyway Gold Package (N10,000) : This is what you will earn if you subscribe for the musk gold package of Africgold which causes N10,000:
    • Per Hour Mining : N110
    • Per 24hrs Mining : N2,640
    • Sponsored Post : N500
    • Referal on N3,000 package downlines : 1,740
    • Referal on N5,000 package downlines : N2,900
    • Referal on N10,000 package downlines : N5,800

    Africgold Registration

    For Africgold Registration you need the following:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Names
    • Email
    • Phone number

    Africgold Sign up

    To sign up of Africgold;  
      1. Buy Africgold coupon code : To buy Africgold coupon code for registration contact on WhatsApp on +2348169183090(WhatsApp Only)
      1. Use this link for sign up : For registration click this link You can also copy and pin this link for later use.
      1. Fill in your details : After you must have clicked on the link, a registration form will be open. Fill out your details on that form and complete your registration.
    1. Sign up and start mining : After signing up on Africgold, your dashboard will be presented to you and you're supposed to start mining. To do that, click on miner on your dashboard and select mining power. On the next page click on mining power to start mining

    Africgold Affiliate System

    Africgold offers an opportunity for affiliate members to earn more by referring people to sign up on it's website (

    Is Africgold legit?

    Yes, for now. For now we can say Africgold is legit because it's currently paying. But it doesn't mean that they'll continue this way forever.

    Is Africgold scam?

    No. Africgold is not a scam. It's no because since launching they have been able to successfully pay their members without issues.

    How To Share Sponsored Post On Africgold

    To share sponsored post on Africgold, simply login, click on menu, select "share and earn" then click on trend post. On the next page you see the latest sponsored post. Just share it via Facebook, WhatsApp or Telegraph to earn.

    Africgold withdrawal

    Africgold minimum withdrawal for non-referral/activities earnings is #10,000 and you withdraw on 15th of every month. While minimum withdrawal for referral bonus is #5,000 on every sundays.

    How To Withdraw On Africgold

    To withdraw on Africgold simply login and click "withdraw" on the option menu then scroll down to submit.

    Africgold Login

    To login to your Africgold account or dashboard use these following details;  
      • Username
      • Password

    More Information About Africgold Mining

    Africgold contact information :If you want to contact Africgold, you can use this information below;  
      • Physical Address : Africgold Head office is in Lagos, 125666, NG
    • Africgold Email address :
    • Africgold Phone number : +2348012345789

    Who Is Africgold CEO?

    The CEO of Africgold is unknown. Yet, this is not a red flag. Why? Because knowing the CEO would not possible mean that the platform will never crash.  


    That's all i can say on Africgold review. You are free to drop any personal review you want to. However if you need help in signing up on Africgold contact us on WhatsApp +2348169183090 (WhatsApp Only).


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